Lotus released a new fantastic remix EP for their ‘Eat the Light’ album

To me Lotus is quite unknown (sorry), but the remixes are fantastic! TWOGOOD, Roisto, and Fare Soldi are among the remixers! 


I saw a repost of the Oliver Nelson & Tobtok remix yesterday and thought to myself; “Hmm, that’s pretty good, but nothing near what Oliver Nelson has done before”. Then all of a sudden, today, I noticed that there were even more remixes of Lotus in the same release! TWOGOOD appeared, and their remix is fantastic – definitely my favorite on the EP. I also noticed Roisto was on it, a guy I just supported in Funk Your Friday 04; also a great remix. These were followed by the experienced DJ and producer Luke The Knife, with an interesting kind of indie-summer tune. Finally, there is Fare Soldi with a dope Justice-inspired french electro tune and a great disco house tune from a 19-years old talent called Hakibros.

I’ve placed the Oliver Nelson tune in the end, because it’s actually not the best of these, and the other artists deserve more spotlight. Not that arranging the tracks like this will do anything, but listen to this: Don’t just check out Oliver Nelson’s remix, you’ll enjoy the rest, I’m sure!

Please support the release (and artists):



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