Funk Your Friday • Christmas Edition

#christmas | Merry Christmas everybody 🎄 This week’s selection is made with funky Christmas tunes only. Enjoy! 


Thanks for tuning in again! If this is your first time, know that Funk Your Friday is not just to show off new stuff, but some of the really good stuff that you’ve either forgotten about, or maybe you’ve never heard about it. I’ve always loved to discover new music, so I hope you do so here.

TL;DR: SoundCloud playlist now playing in the bottom of the post! 🎄

I’ve made sure to put on the guiding genres below the tracks for you guys! First, you’ll find three edits of classic Christmas tracks. My top 3 Christmas song of all, presented by Tuxedo, and two new tracks from 5 Reasons and Throttle (blogged here). Next up is a 4 year old, almost classic tune from Jean Tonique, followed by Freshly Squeezed‘s friends Swing RepublicJohnny Lectro keeps the playlist swinging, before you move on the some modern funk again; first with Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, then Mo Musiq, and finally Ewan Hoozami. In the end I have also included my all-time FAVORITE Christmas song, from the almighty funksters Vulfpeck.

Please let me know if you like the selection, and if you’re looking forward to next week, where a different genre will be touched upon. Cheers, and thanks for reading/listening!

Check out Funk Your Friday • 04 with a #nudisco focus,

and Funk Your Friday • 03 with a #smooth focus!

↑ Pure funk ↑

↑ Future funk ↑

↑ Funky house ↑

↑ Disco funk ↑

↑ Electro swing ↑

↑ Electro swing ↑

↑ Mixed funk ↑

↑ Funk with hiphop hints ↑

↑ Ghetto funk ↑

↑ Pure funk ↑


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