Oscar Bandersen – Sweetest Fantasy (feat. Honey Shark)

#house | Danish upcoming talent is out with infectious 90’s vibes. 

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Chance is that you won’t know who Danish producer Oscar Bandersen is, and that’s OK. But you should probably keep an eye out for him just about now if you dig the music – it probably won’t take long before things start to take off. The 22 year old’s latest releases have been of excellent quality and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. THUMP premiered this track and called him a “rising star“, and for his previous (fantastic) single, Guide You, the music magazine, Clash, knew what was up, calling him “one of the stand out talents in Denmark“.

On to his new tune, released today, Friday 10th, on iTunes via Music For Dreams; you’ll hear a warm 90’s garage vibe, and some infectious hints of.. future disco, I’d say? There is also a beautiful female voice to complement the track, performed by Honey Shark, another Dane known as Josefine Struckmann in her daily life.

A bit of trivia about her: she actually worked with before made a huge carrier for herself. They had a duo back from 2007-2012 called MOR, which is kinda hilarious to look back on; e.g. this old YouTube video. Later Josefine made Time Masters where she perfoms now. They actually performed together last year at Roskilde Festival, where I found her voice quite.. bad. This perhaps goes without saying, but I had already been drinking for 7-8 hours at that time, so I guess that could explain why.

Anyway, enjoy the track, and make sure to follow the young Dane for more music.

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You can support Oscar Bandersen on social media here:

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