Funk Your Friday • St. Patrick’s Edition • 10 Party Tracks

#stpatricksday | Strong party tunes with bass, electro, and fresh grooves. Hope you like the playlist! 

funk your friday 7 st patricks day 10 tracks

Thanks for tuning in! If this is your first time, know that Funk Your Friday is not just to show off new stuff, but some of the really good stuff that you’ve either forgotten about, or maybe you’ve never heard about it. I’ve always loved to discover new music, so I hope you do so here.

NB: The SoundCloud playlist is autoplaying in the bottom.

Whether you’re going out today for St. Patrick’s Day, or not, the tracks on this playlist are some handpicked classics that should get you in a good mood nonetheless! Enjoy.

Check out Funk Your Friday • 06 with a 30 tracks from 2016,

and Funk Your Friday • 05 with Christmas tracks!


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