Hellfritzsch’s House Grooves • 001 • Week 5

Dj and producer Martin Hellfritzsch guide us through groovy house.

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Hi everyone! My name is Martin Hellfritzsch, a Danish dj and producer. FunkFelicity invited me to write a blog-post about groovy house tracks, and I sure do love groovy tracks, so here it goes! I’ve always been fascinated with house music, especially the kind that gets you movin’. Sometimes the beauty of music lies in it’s simplicty. You can find me on Facebook and SoundCloud.

For this blog post I’ve collected five tracks that are all up for FREE DOWNLOAD, and are deliciously groovy 🙂


DJOKO made this absolute WICKED edit of the Vanilla Ace classic “Ice Ice Baby” last year, and it has been a stable part of my dj sets ever since. True to the original, a little corny, but truly amazing!

This track is an absolute groover! The bassline of Uptown Funk Empire’s “Boogie” has been sampled heavily, but the Lumoon & Rob!n Réédition does it in a convincingly simple and stylish manner by blending in the vocal from “Blaze – Do you Remember House”.

Havana Dub made this edit of the classic Hardrive track “Deep Inside”. The Havana Dub edit is groovy, jackin’, and has that unique punchy oldschool warehouse feeling. The energy oozes from this one – MASSIVE track!

Released on the promotional label Spira Music, this bomb dropped a few months ago. Oldschool classic house – some soulful elements, a lot of groove, vintage-style vocals, and happy times!

The last track is a bootleg made by myself. Combining the bouncy and groovin’ bassline of Sidney Charles’ “Breakin’ it Down” and Rakim’s vocal from the classic “I know you got Soul”. My own personal take on groovy hip-house anno 2016.


Thanks a lot to Martin Hellfritzsch for the awesome post!

If you like what heard, head over to his Facebook and SoundCloud to stay updated.


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