Rick & Morty – The Recipe For Concentrated Dark Matter (WBBL & Father Funk Remix)

#ghettofunk | Rick & Morty remixed with funk and bass? Oh yeah. 

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Just in time for the weekend, and possibly St. Patrick’s day for many of us, the two legends of ghetto funk, Father Funk and WBBL, released their Rick & Morty remix to great amusement of the many bass lovers out there (and R&M fans for that matter). With bouncy drops and juicy kicks, this will surely be one of those tracks that only gets boring when Rick & Morty do – and I don’t think either will ever happen

While you listen, consider checking out Father Funk’s latest EP, ‘Party Time’, from about 5 months ago, as well as WBBL’s fantastic collab with Slynk on ‘Get Busy’ – as you will hear, we’ve got the best of both worlds in the track below. A playful and amazing track that will hopefully get its fair share of fame in the near future. Enjoy the free download.


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2 thoughts on “Rick & Morty – The Recipe For Concentrated Dark Matter (WBBL & Father Funk Remix)

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