BOULEVARDS – Wear & Tear (Feat. Laura Reed)

#funk | Finally it’s time for some REAL funk. 

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The North Carolina artist, BOULEVARDS, really took me by surprise about two years ago. His track ‘Forgot to Mention’ (produced by Isaac Galvez), was a huge delightment to listen to, as the golden days of funk music was mixed beautifully with the new electronic vibes of the modern music scene.


Today we’re all served a new single, Wear & Tear, from the talented singer-songwriter. With some fantastic supporting vocals from Laura Reed, whom definitely deserves some attention, you’ll be all set for the weekend. Rollergirl! aka. Adam Rich is behind the composition, and if you’ve never heard of him, definitely keep an eye out for his talent.

I’ve followed Rollergirl! for a few years before this single, and was thrilled to hear that he was going to help produce it. His EP ‘I Love You, Rollergirl!’ is to this date still a big favorite of mine, and the track Boogie Down frequently finds a way to my stereo.

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It has always been clear to me that Jamil’s voice was one of his absolute strongest assets, and by teaming up with some of the biggest talents of funk production he was able to put out some amazing things so far. With the help from Rollergirl! and also the youngster Taste Nasa a 4-track EP was live back in October 2015. They proceeded to assist BOULEVARDS later on his first studio album in the spring of 2016.

Obviously BOULEVARDS aka Jamil Rashad was no one-hit-wonder, and the album became one of the best funk releases that year (maybe THE best). The teasers for his first single ‘Cold Call’ promised to follow the same great recipe of his earlier work on SoundCloud. I was also quick to put out a post about ‘Cold Call’ when it was released in late January last year.

Let’s hope this single is leading up to a new album in 2017; if so, rest assured that I will cover it. Enjoy.

(You can watch the cool retro-video below on YouTube)


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