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Funky electro pop is the best kind of electro pop. BLOWSOM is a fairly new act whose music on SoundCloud only goes back about a year – but oh boy is it good? He must have produced music before that, as his talent is something to really take notice of, for example in his ‘LIGHTS ON‘ single and french house tune ‘PANTOUFLE.

It’s clear that the French-born producer has his roots in the respected French electro scene, which you’ll hear in most of his tunes, and especially in his latest track ‘Sun’. An infectious electro beat will reach your stereo from the very beginning and peak around halfway through the track with a lovely drop. Together with the perfectly balanced indie vocals we’re served a quality track with a modern and danceable vibe that promises a lot for the artist.

BLOWSOM has a kind of laidback attitude to his vocal performances that goes really great with the upbeat electro vibes and guitar riffs, and I’m really looking forward to hear more from the young artist. Check out the live recording below along with the links to buy or stream the single. Enjoy.

→ Stream or download the single ←←

You can support BLOWSOM on social media here:

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