NiC – Silver Lined Clouds (Prod. By ZiG)

#nufunk | Last week’s write up of ZiG was just the beginning of something great. 

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If you’re a frequent reader of FunkFelicity, you would’ve noticed that ZiG was featured here last week with their single ‘Long Nights’, featuring some awesome vocals from singer-songwriter NiC, and earlier on Ice Cream ft. Tarion.

Apparently it wasn’t just a one-time thing ‘Long Nights’, as ZiG contacted me with ‘Silved Lined Clouds’ just last week as well. And if you thought they couldn’t show more funky pop vibes, you’ll be surprised about the wonderful sound of this collab.

As exclusive news for you – a reader of FunkFelicity (thank you 😎) – I can tell you that ZiG is planning an album in the coming week. It will come out following a huge showcase they are doing at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on March 30th. The album will come out March 31st. Its called “ZiG Vol. 1”, and it will be the band’s first 7 songs of a 2-part album.

I am really excited to hear what the fellas has in place for this relatively big release, and it’s even more exciting to hear that more music is coming in a second round later this year (possibly next year, this is not comfirmed).

I hope you’ll enjoy this one, and then make sure to follow ZiG on Facebook and FunkFelicity on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on the album. Cheers.


You can support ZiG on social media here:

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