‘Reflective Tangents’ by Late Night Radio is the finest Electro Soul release in a long time

ALBUM: Denver based artist, Alex Medillin, impresses with his new 8-track album that has some very talented guests on it. →


Late Night Radio has to me been a great producer for so long. I don’t know if it’s just over here in Europe, but it seems like he’s been overshadowed a bit by some of his “competitors” on the electro soul scene, but he shows quality every single time. Would love to see him live some day in Europe.

For now it’ll be his releases that I can enjoy, and his lastest thing just hit Bandcamp on a free download today, so be sure to check that out .


Please support Late Night Radio:


‘Sea Level’ starts with an amazing sax and some cool vocal work.

It’s followed by ‘Find The Love’ which has a cool spacy sound design and female vocal chops, finished of with a soulful and chill ending:

I covered ‘All My Troubles’ last week, so check that out here.

‘No Grave’ has some dope rap vocals and fantastic guitar riffs:

With ‘Jaded’ Donohue returns with some downtempo electro soul with the dope guitar again:

‘Sunshine’ has a nice dreamy beats and drum work, with a cool vocal sample:

Finally, ‘Sunday Stroll’ is one of the best tracks, and has a sax-filled downtempo tune:


Album Playlist (Bandcamp):


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