Thunderball – Return of the Panther ft. Mustafa Akbar

#funk | Straight up amazing funk tune with Mustafa Akbar’s familar vocals. 

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Did you know this? Thunderball has been in the funk game for over a decade. I didn’t know actually, and for that I’m sorry. This new track is part of their third studio album which was actually re-released after 11 years here on the December 9th! The long wait had them hook up with the guys at Fort Knox and this resulted in an updated version of the album.

The sound is still amazing, and with Mustafa Akbar’s vocals, which you’ll recognize from several ghetto funk tunes (Basement Freaks comes to mind immediately), you’re in for a treat! I’m not sure if I’ll recommend the whole album for any funk lover – but Thunderball is touching all sorts of cool downtempo genres, so it’s definitely a very interesting album you should check out it you have time.

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3 thoughts on “Thunderball – Return of the Panther ft. Mustafa Akbar

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