Funk Awards 2015 | Breakthrough Talents 2016 [Winners]

Funk Awards 2015 is here!
Here are the WINNERS:

Funk Awards transparent back

Please note that it has been really tough to pick the three best of the ten nominees that was selected yesterday. We think all of them will do amazing in 2016, but the following three has been on our minds almost all of 2015.

1) Wicked City | Facebook Twitter SoundCloud

Wicked City is actually not entirely “new” talents. Consisting of Krafty Kuts, Dynamite MC, Damien Soul, Erb N Dub, Skope, Steve Yamaha & Big R, the group have tons of experience, but only recently went together and formed one group. We know there is an album coming in 2016, and we’re sure there will be some dope collaborations and live performances that will get Wicked City out there. We wish them the best of luck!

2) Patawawa & Roman Kouder | SoundCloud (Patawawa) – SoundCloud (RM)

“Hey, that’s two in one, you can’t do that!?” I know, I know – but actually I can! This one’s a little different. and well, this award show is just for fun 🙂 We have already been served collaborations between the Frenchman and the British group two times during 2015, and we think (read: hope) that there will be more in 2016. Anyways, these two collabs and remixes that followed, have laid the groundwork for both Roman Kouder and Patawawa to break through in 2016; therefore, they are both in one!

3) Vantage // | Facebook TwitterSoundCloud

We think this guy is one of the biggest talents in the Future Funk world, and therefore he’s surely among the top 3 to breakthrough next year! We really hope he’ll keep up the good work, and produce as many lovely tunes as in 2015.

So what about the rest? The rest will do awesome in 2016 too. We know it.

Have your say over on Twitter and Facebook. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “Funk Awards 2015 | Breakthrough Talents 2016 [Winners]

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