Funk Awards 2015 | Breakthrough Talents 2016 [Nominees]

Funk Awards 2015 is here!
Here are the nominees:

Funk Awards transparent back

The artists that we really think will breakthrough in 2016, because of excellent efforts in 2015. See the categories and Funk Awards overview here.

Aaaand the nominees are:

1) Roman Kouder – UPDATE: WINNER

We’ve always thought this kid would be huge one day, expecially since his early Daft Punk remix and originals. Now is his time, 2016 will be a good year, we know that.

2) Patawawa – UPDATE: WINNER

Patawawa has not been active for long, but what a year ther’ve had, and we know they’ll do great in 2016. Their original disco sound and collabs with Roman Kouder has really done it for us. We’ve featured all their releases – the same will happen in ’16.

3) Stone Soul

For a more bass friendly candidate, Stone Soul has proven that 2015 was good year with great productions. We believe 2016 will do him well, and hopefully you’ll be able to experience him live at one point.

4) Bolivard

The wonderkid from France has really found his style, and we love the disco-ish house vibes that really makes you want to move.

5) Wicked City – UPDATE: WINNER

The experienced members of Wicked City has been doing great by themselves, but would it work when they made a group? Hell. To. The. Yes. We’ve been really excited for their releases in 2015, and the album in 2016 will be awesome; that’s for sure.

6) Vantage // – UPDATE: WINNER

We saw this guy rise from 150 followers to over a thousand in months, now he’s well above that – we knew his awesome Future Funk and Disco productions would fall into peoples’ tastes. 2016 will be a good year!

7) Mr Stabalina

New kid on the block, but the quality and support from the almighty Scour Records will definitely do him good in 2016. Before this alias, he was Gary Stabler, and we actually loved him – now we’re just thankful to see the Ghetto Funk lives on!

8) Solitaire

Future Funk and Disco again; Solitaire blew us away with him first EP, and we hope that he’ll continue and make more tracks in 2016. Everything has been good from the Canadian so far, so it promises well.

9) Jafunk

Jafunk made some of the loveliest Funky House tunes in 2015, and we believe 2016 will be a huge success for him, if he continues. Please do, mate?

10) GlobulDub

The Instrumental Hiphop is real with this Frenchman. The Geek x Vrv must be proud. We hope he’ll be more serious in 2016, and he’ll be up there with duo in the near future.


Hope you dig it. Let us know your favorites!


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