¡MAYDAY! – Shortcuts And Dead Ends (Besnine Remix)

[Free Download] Favorite French artist, Besnine, does his magic.

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This time it’s the hip hop group ¡MAYDAY! that was remixed by the young French producer. ¡MAYDAY! has been involved with the independent label frontman Tech N9ne since 2011; a person whom Besnine has worked with once before when he remixed the track ‘Fragile’ featuring Kendrick Lamar — and ¡MAYDAY! too. Tech N9ne must have reached out one more time after the remix received massive attention, sporting 669k plays on SoundCloud as I write this.

The new remix starts in the same way with a gentle beginning and some dope rap vocals, but we’re then met with a powerful drop at the 1:34 mark. The beat is pumping, and the vibes are deliciously funky. The track is taken to another level at the end, where even more power is infused — we love it!

If you want to know more about Besnine, check out his latest dope remix of Manganas Garden from a few months back; also how we awarded them as the best act of 2015 at our Funk Awards, and finally the EP, A New Era, that were the main reason we gave him the award.



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