Goldwash – Need To Hear | New Funk Essentials

Goldwash is at it again with a new unique blend of wonderful vibes.

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‘Need To Hear’ marks the third single from the 21-year old Baltimore producer. We loved the other two tracks ‘Malady‘ & ‘But U Won’t‘, and now it starts to show that Gabe Acheson isn’t just a one-hit wonder; and certainly not a Kygo-type that can only produce one set of vibes. The classical and jazz-trained pianist again brings his own unique mixture of existential funk — and we’re really starting to like that genre.

You’ll notice that ‘Need To Hear’ is a little different than the last two tracks; it keeps the same nice flow, but at the same time it’s like an uptempo version of ‘Malady’ seasoned with some more futuristic vibes. Definitely check it all out as it progresses nicely towards the end.

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