Goldwash – But U Won’t | New Funk Essentials

[Free Download] Who is Goldwash? We don’t know. But he’s good.

FunkSummer cover

Alright.. Do anyone know this guy? Please? We need more of this stuff. We can’t even say more than this track is really damn splendid. Listen for yourself; it’s some sort of funky house with some groovy and bouncy synths – Goldwash calls it existential funk and he leads us to believe he’s on the vocals too. Cool. I think we have to look out for this guy – he seems like he knows how to produce, he has social channels and a website going, and the graphics are dope. Ambitious. We like it!

Voice your opinion over on Twitter or Facebook – and comment this guy to make more music. Cheers.


Please support Goldwash:

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2 thoughts on “Goldwash – But U Won’t | New Funk Essentials

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